Truth Seekers Security & Investment

Accountability Beyond

Truth Seekers Security & Investment's mission is "Accountability Beyond." It will provide comprehensive audit and KYC services for cryptocurrency projects. Truth Seekers will be governed via set bylaws which will be strictly followed by the advisory board. Controlled by a completely doxed and trusted team, Truth Seekers will implement these services and set a new industry standard in the crypto security software, Audit, and KYC process.


The Truth Seekers team believes in the power of the community, which is why Truth Seekers will be the first security dao of its kind. The Truth token allows investors to own a portion of the Truth Seekers platform. The Truth token will have its own tokenomics and use cases, which allows for liquidity providing and community voting Buy back and burn mechanisms will be set in place which ultimately makes the Truth token deflationary.
Last modified 4mo ago